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2018-2019 Courses

Fall 2018

DRAM209: Introduction to Acting

Studio acting course that introduces the tools and techniques of acting. Students develop creative skills, learn formal acting warmup procedures and select and prepare monologues and scenes.

DRAM242: Introduction to Drama

Lecture course introducing the history and form of Drama. Students learn formal elements of Drama and apply them when evaluating Dramatic texts, live performance and then test these techniques by analyzing areas of their life using the tools of formal analysis.

DRAM411: Introduction to Directing

Studio based class introducing the formal tools and techniques of directing. Students learn the history and formal process of directing then spend the majority of the class directing scenes and testing and refining their artistic practice.

Winter 2019


Special Topics in Computational Media Design: Research Methods. Graduate Research Methods for Computational Media Design, Human Computer Interaction and Human Robot Interaction in the context of research methods from science, social science the humanities and the fine arts. Students explore and identify relevant methods, then select and test approaches relevant to their program of research.


Special Topics in Computational Media Design: Performance Technology. Graduate course in performance technology introducing the tools and techniques of performance technology. Students explore performance technology through a series of iterative experiments, using applicable metrics to improve performance and identify areas that may impede effective work.


Introduction to Canadian Theatre and Drama

Seminar class introducing students to the history and formal achievements of Canadian Theatre and Drama. Students survey the field, then focus on a single play in order to evaluate and test the models used to create and conduct the survey. This term’s play for focused study is Cheryl Foggo’s John Ware: Reimagined.

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