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I have been lucky to hold university appointments in English, Drama, New Media, Communications, and now work in a program housed in Computer Science. In all cases, my interest has been in performance and technology with an emphasis on scholarly practice that engages other fields without creating requirements to build a sub-discipline between areas of inquiry. I love being a professor, and while my work is focused on new technologies, I approach scholarly work with a deep respect for tradition. I believe I am part of a family of people from all over the world, and across time, who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of ideas in an a-political manner. Our job is to study, produce and protect information and make it available to the world. Governments, leaders, and countries have come and gone during the time this global family has been in existence. I cannot imagine anything better. I have worked in universities around the world and can attest to the common commitment to research and teaching driven by curiosity and a desire to serve.

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