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Canada Council for the Arts

Digital art and art in the digital age.

The Canada Council for the Arts is near and dear to my heart. In Canada, we adopted a set of policies and procedures for supporting arts, letters and science and one of the results of that work was the creation of the Canada Council for the Arts. Recently, under the guidance of then Minister of Heritage, the Honourable Melanie Jolie, the Council saw their funding doubled, as the Council’s head, Simon Breault overhauled the entire organization. I am on the record stating that their work is the best approach to the digital shift of any international arts organization. History will remember their contributions. It has been my great privilege to serve in a number of roles supporting their work, particularly as it pertains to digital art, and art in the digital age. Two articles I wrote evaluating the recent work of the Canada Council are: Creative Canada Reunites Art and Technology for a Brighter Future at The Conversation, and Creative Paradox: Is Giving Money to Artists Political Suicide? in Australia's Nitro.

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