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Computational Media Design (CMD)

The greatest program on earth.

CMD New Director Event

“Computational Media Design is the greatest program on earth.” I made this statement on campuses throughout North American, the UK, Europe, China and Japan prior to being asked to become Director of the program. Now, as Director, it would seem arrogant to make this claim, but I stand by it. The strength of the program has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with those who built it and study in it. The people who built Computational Media Design (CMD) managed to do something no one else was able to do: build a formal university program that solves the existential challenge facing the contemporary university. There are labs that do work like CMD, but CMD codified the digital age approach to research. Perhaps the greatest thing I can offer to CMD is my voice: I believe its creation was a work of genius. I deserve no credit for the work that was done, but I am proud to serve their program and to honour the contribution of the program’s founders.

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