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MFA in Directing

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

The Study of Human Technology

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In 2008 / 2009 while working as a professor of English and Drama, I continued to take university courses in a variety of subjects. As my work in Directing grew, I began focusing on courses in Drama and ended up completing the course work necessary for an MFA in Directing. The degree requires a full year of focused work for the thesis, which I completed during my first sabbatical. This phase of my work marked my move into Human Technology, after focusing on Information Technology in my work in English and the technologies of meaning. My MFA thesis involved a production of Hamlet, included a set of courses, a symposium, a vlog and web site, and became the first ever fully digital thesis to be accepted at the University of Calgary. The show sold out, and we received a one million dollar donation to the university on opening night from F.R. "Dick" Matthews, that led to the creation of the F.R. Matthews Studio Theatre. The text I created for the performance has since been used by high schools, universities and professional companies in Canada, The United States and Australia. The work on this project was one of the greatest experiences of my life and allowed me to collaborate with Professor Arnie Keller (University of Victoria) on the media elements, and Professors Brian Smith and Douglas McCullough (University of Calgary) on the performance. The original web site and posts are maintained as originally created and can be found here.

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