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Techne: it's all you need to know...

Photo by Marcis Berzins on Unsplash

During the course of my career, I have worked as a professional writer, performer, academic, media creator, corporate communications officer, musician, director, coach and consultant. People often ask why I have done so many different things, but for me they are all part of one pursuite: techne. In this talk, I discuss techne, and provide examples of how learning about techne can make everything in your life better. Thanks to the Municipal Innovators Conference for providing the venue for me to explain this work, and to my colleague Owen Brierley for working with me on the editing / media production. The conference theme was bold experiments, and I titled my talk "Bold Experiments in Complex Systems," and used the opportunity to show how techne can make even the most challenging circumstances easier to manage. The talk contains several, practical, easy-to-do experiments that you can use to see if what I am suggesting can work for you.

What sucks:* I get intense when I am excited about my work . It gets in the way of conveying my message, so I am trying to learn to be more connected. Check out how I speak to the audience just after the 38 minute mark. Makes me cringe... (In case you're wondering, that voice is how I speak to myself...)

*I get excited about working on my mistakes, so I often leave errors in and point them out to help share areas I need to improve...

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