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The Drama Inside You

You are the goose that laid the golden egg.

...and you remember what happened to the goose in that story...

Have you ever seen a movie or show about the gold rush? They're exciting. Frontier towns and camps filled with people seeking adventure and fortune. It's a perfect recipe for engaging entertainment. Success, failure, life and death circumstances, and people pushed to extremes in environments without rules. It's chaos, and chaos makes for great Drama.

But what if that Drama was inside you? Well it is, and the sooner you realize it, the better off you'll be.

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You are the goose that laid the golden egg.

I often tell people that the February 3, 1976 from Bill Gates to the members of the Home Brew Computing Club is the most important document of the last 100 years. In it, Gates makes the case for information as capital. It seems like a simple enough assertion, but that tiny transition marks the full scale transformation of our entire global economy and everything that goes along with it. Fast forward to today, and we have Jack Ma telling us that "information is gold."

While our politicians and pundits continue to battle over Marxist versus Capitalist structures from 19th Century industrial production, our world is in the midst of an information gold rush, whose rules have little or nothing to do with factories, machines and the means of production described by Karl Marx.

Information is capitol, and data is gold, so where is the mine? Well, in a way, it is not a question of where, but of who.

You are the gold mine, and you being stripmined for today's most valuable resource.

Just think of the gold rush. How did people behave when they were motivated to find gold? What happened to the parts of the world that had gold?

Now think of how many times you are asked for data. Just do this survey, fill in this form, answer these questions. Click here to give away your information, click there to review our new policy for gathering and selling your information.


Is Your Goose Cooked?

Don't waste time worrying about protecting your data. You cannot stop the gold rush, but you can adapt to its realities. There is a better way than yelling at your computer or subscribing to conspiracy theories sold by the snake oil salesmen of the data rush.

Instead of blaming those inspired by the new gold rush, just take a second and realize that an economy run on information, whose primary currency lies inside you, might be a place you want to better understand and more carefully navigate. The gold rush led to many great innovations, including great films and tv shows about the chaotic world of gold mining.

We are the geese that lay the golden eggs, and they're coming for your gold. They will get it one way or another, so it's time for you to decide whether you want to be a long-term producer, or a cooked goose.

Oh, and those gold rush shows? Check out Deadwood. It's spectacular.

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