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Trent Oster: Renaissance Master

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

From Edmonton Global article written by Emily Rendell-Watson.

The Renaissance Masters of the Digital Age walk among us. I have uttered this phrase in locations around the world, but it is time we started pointing these people out. Three cheers to Emily Rendell-Watson (@erendellwatson) and Edmonton Global for this article on Trent Oster. Oster is a powerhouse in the world of games. Like many of the world's Renaissance Masters he hails from one of the most important creative centres in the world: Edmonton, Alberta. There is simply no way that a city of Edmonton's size should be able to produce as much as they do, but whether its sports dynasties, the Edmonton Fringe or in games, Edmonton rivals any place on earth for talent per capita basis. Trent Oster co-founded the legendary BioWare, and now runs Beamdog. Like many of the Digital Renaissance Masters, Oster is constantly creating while providing new opportunities that shine a spotlight on Alberta's uniquely powerful contribution to games and gaming. @erendellwatson's article does an excellent job of highlighting Oster's contributions to games, but those in Alberta also know him as a tireless fighter for our province, for his city, for his industry and as an accomplished blacksmith. If that sounds like an awful lot of different skills, that's because Oster, like all those that built the global gaming sector are Renaissance Masters. It's time we started recognizing these extraordinary innovators and celebrating their contributions.

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