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What Sucks...

I want the note.

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I love learning. In my work, I try to constantly find areas where I can learn and grow. In my collaborations we often talk about "wanting the note." Notes are comments given by our peers that help us identify areas where we could do better. In my blog posts you will often see a little section called, "What sucks" followed by an explanation of something I really messed up in the work. I am hoping that by posting these notes it will help me refine the work I am doing so that I can get a little better at what I do, and keep doing the work I need to do in order to learn.

Being able to take notes is harder than it sounds. When we work on something we truly love, hearing how we've failed can be hard to accept. With my students and clients I often advise people to take write down the notes you get. That way, if you are emotional in teh moment and cannot really hear the feedback, you'll have a record you can use to keep improving your craft. I need lots of notes, so feel free to send me comments and I'll do my best to hear them and try and make the improvements I need to in order to be more effective.

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